Q. Why do I need to hold physical gold and silver?


  1. To protect against monetary recklessness, causing rapid depreciation of paper currency.
  2. To act as an insurance against the possibility of a major upheaval in the financial system.
  3. To boost purchasing power if and when they are being re-monetized.
  4. Throughout human history, they act as real money during uncertainties.
Q. 为什么我需要拥有实体黄金白银?


  1. 为了堤防宽松与不负责任的货币政策,导致钞票失去价值。
  2. 作为财富保险,确保世界金融体系动荡时期仍能获得保障。
  3. 在黄金白银从新被货币化中,享受无尽购买力。
  4. 人类历史以来,黄金白银在不稳定时期都被视为交易货币。
Q. Is gold and silver investment in Malaysia common?
A. More people are starting to recognize the devaluation of paper money, hence they start to own physical gold and silver as an insurance against financial uncertainties and when world leaders prints more paper money to flood the economy.

Gold and silver had gain momentum in recent years in Malaysia, this worldwide trend is unstoppable.
Q. 在马来西亚,黄金白银投资普遍吗?
A. 更多人开始对钱币的贬值感到担忧,因此开始吸纳实体黄金白银作为财务的保险。也因为世界各国领导人都采取宽松的金融政策,印刷更多钞票,导致人们开始分散规划于实体资产。

Q. What type of Gold and Silver should I buy in Malaysia?
A. Investors should buy well known “branded” gold and silver products as it is much more liquid once you decided to sell it. Gold and silver dealers around the world may accept it as they are recognized and the gold and silver are backed by world renowned companies and governments.
Q. 在马来西亚,我应该拥有哪一类黄金白银产品?
A. 投资者应该购入“名牌”黄金白银条。这是为了确保售卖的通路无限。因为世界各地都能接受这些黄金或白银条,同时世界各地的收购者也能轻易的将这些黄金白银脱售。
Q. Does it come with certificate?
A. Government mint gold and silver products such as Silver American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australia Perth Mint Silver Bars, Johnson Matthey Silver Bars, A-Mark Silver Bars DOES NOT issue certification as they are backed by government and some 100 years minting company.

If you are worried about the purity, a density tester or ultrasound scan will give you an accurate report on your metals. The gold and silver can be tested in Cycle & Trend’s office located in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Q. 黄金白银有没有证书?
A. 政府铸造的白银币或白银条(美国鹰扬币,加拿大枫叶币,澳洲柏斯白银条,JM白银条,A-Mark白银条)不提供任何证书,因为这些铸造厂都是由政府以及近百年的公司所担保与接受。

Q. Where to buy gold and silver in Malaysia other then Cycle & Trend?
A. Major Goldsmith shops in Malaysia are selling 999 investment grade gold and silver products. Please note that we only encourage investment on PHYSICAL gold and silver to protect against financial upheaval. Paper promises cannot act as a form of protection.
Q. 在马来西亚,投资者能从哪里购得黄金白银?
A. 全马大型黄金白银金钻公司都有出售黄金白银。警惕:环势企业提醒顾客收入实体黄金白银以作为经济动荡时的避风港。所有期货合约/纸张投资都不能确保实体黄金白银的拥有权。
Q. Why do I choose to own gold and silver from Cycle & Trend Marketing?
A. First in Malaysia to produce a book titled Silver in mandarin.

More cost effective products and dealership program to encourage real asset investment.

We only provide best quality and worldwide recognize gold and silver to our clients, ensuring unlimited selling pathways.

Our mission is to build the most valuable company in our region, continuously educating and informing the public, to bring benefits for our clients, dealers and the company
Q. 为何选择环势企业得到黄金白银?
A. 首创全马第一,也是唯一一本以白银为主题的中文书籍。