Terms & Conditions


1.User Agreement

1.1 Before you pre-order, purchase, reserve or to sell to Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD , you must read and accept all of the terms and conditions in this agreement. By using our website(www.cycleandtrend.com.my) and its services, you warrant that you have read this user agreement and have agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in this user agreement and website. This user agreement applies to all orders, purchases and sales, whether made through the website(s), telephone, cellphone, email or otherwise.

1.2 Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD can vary or amend the terms of this User Agreement from time to time. Any amendment(s) to the User Agreement will take effect when such amendment(s) are posted on the Website.


2.Price Confirmation and Binding Agreement

2.1 Purchasing bullion: After you have requested for an order, a detailed order confirmation e-mail or SMS will be sent to you from a Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD representative within one business day (‘Order Confirmation’). The receipt of a Order Confirmation from Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD means that you have entered into a binding agreement to purchase bullion at the specified price.

2.2 The price at which your buy or sell order is submitted and referred to as the locked-in price. To avoid any doubt, proof of sending the email is evidence of receipt, unless an express delivery failure notification is received by Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD.

2.3 Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD reserve the right to reject or cancel the customer’s order for whatsoever reason, by refunding monies paid - any order deemed questionable, suspicious or of significant risk to Cycle & Trend Marketing S/B.


3.Payment Options

3.1 CASH

3.2 CHEQUE/ CASH CHEQUE (Releases only AFTER Cheque Clears)

3.3 BANK TRANSFER (Customer Pays All Transfer Charges)


4.Payment Time-frame

4.1 Payment must always be made within one working day of your order date.

4.2 Payment must be received within two working days after we issue your

order confirmation price lock-in.

4.3 Longer payment time-frames may be requested on a case to case basis.

4.4 Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD will only release the bullion upon clearance

of full payment for the order.


5.Delivery / Pickup of Your item

5.1 You can pick up your order at any place in JOHOR BAHRU which is convenient.


6.Cancellation of Order

6.1 All sales are final unless cancellation is approved by us.

6.2 All cancellations are subjected to our ‘Market Loss Policy’ plus a 5%(basic on the lock price) cancellation fee.

6.3 For orders submitted, you are responsible for any deficit between the price at which we sell to you and the offsetting purchase price or prices, if your order(s) is cancelled. That amount will be charged to you, in addition to the 5% cancellation fee(based on lock- in price ). Any market gain on cancellations shall remain the property of Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD.

6.5 Cancellations, once approved, will be confirmed by email through the issuance of an ‘Order Cancellation’. We will invoice you according to the Market Loss Policy with a thirty day time-frame to pay the amount due in full. No future orders may be permitted until and unless any market loss is paid in full.


7.Temporary Storage of Your Paid Item

7.1 Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD will help you to store your paid items until you are ready to collect. During the duration of us storing your item(s), we will not be held responsible for any partial or the whole lot of your item due to theft or damage. While utmost care is taken to store them in a safe and secure place, Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD will not be held responsible for forces beyond our control and through no fault of ours. Once you make request for us to help you store your item till collection, you deem and hold free Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD from any potential loss and damage and express that you will not be able to get any of your deposit/full payment/items back should it be subjected to theft and/or damage.


8 Buy Back

8.1 Physical bullion is subject to inspection when we buy it back: We only buy the type of brand name bullion we are selling, or have sold in the past, which makes us very familiar with the bullion in question. We intrinsically perform a standard density check and depending on the bullion source and type we might perform an ultrasound test onsite which will detect impurities and will immediately and conclusively detect advanced forgeries such as layered metal bars. You acknowledge that, should we detect any forgeries, we are bound to report the bullion to the police to track back the source of the forgery.

8.2 Notwithstanding our ability to provide market liquidity we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any buyback request order deemed questionable, suspicious or of significant risk to Cycle & Trend Marketing SDN BHD.


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